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Pitching Injury Prevention



Shoulder Exercises for Baseball and Softball | Kinetic Bands |

Shoulder exercises [removed] for baseball and softball. The key to shoulder injury prevention is to develop a strong and …225


Improving Shoulder Health and In Baseball Season Injury Prevention

Students from Rose Physical Therapy show us some ways to improve Shoulder Health and injury prevention during the baseball season.548


Overuse Injury Prevention PSA

Herm Schneider, Head Athletic Trainer for the Chicago White Sox, and Matt Thornton, pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, discuss overuse injuries in youth …69


Baseball Throwing Injuries and Prevention in Wichita Kansas Chiropractor

With the Royals in the playoffs for the first time in nearly 3 decades, it’s time to talk baseball. How do you prevent arm injuries from throwing? If your arm hurts …117


Preventing Youth Baseball Pitchers Shoulder Pain & Injuries With Proper Icing

So to help prevent or manage a young baseball pitcher with shoulder pain or shoulder injuries it is important to regularly ice the athletes shoulder after pitching …127


Throwing Mechanics: The Final Piece to the Injury Prevention Puzzle

[removed] – A presentation for Medical Doctors and Physical Therapists encompassing the state of baseball injuries, a brief …870


Preventing Pitching Injuries

Vanderbilt Sports Medicine shows players, parents and coaches how to identify injuries and poor throwing motion in baseball pitchers. The video also explains …1000


Injury Prevention for Youth Pitchers

Dr Brian Hay DPT, MSPT, OCS, discusses youth pitching injuries and demonstrates some exercise to prevent them.258


Baseball Injuries and Injury Prevention

Always keep the health and safety of your players in mind during games and practices. Be aware of the older kids’ arms. Don’t move kids from a high-intensity …68