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Joe Daniels Talks with Marlon Byrd Kettlebell , Stability and Injury Prevention for Baseball

Marlon Byrd and I talk Kettlebells, stability, and injury prevention for professional baseball. Have any questions? Leave them in the comments section below.243


Preventing Throwing Injuries in Young Athletes

From baseball to football, many children grow up playing sports but health experts say each year thousands are injured during the game. Dr. Thomas LaPorta …111


Culminating Product- UCL Injury Prevention

This is the Culminating Product for Thomas Stewart, Commonwealth Governors School, Stafford, VA. GUIDE: …255


Exercises To Increase Ankle Mobility

David Ray of shares a few exercises to improve ankle mobility and decrease your chances of ankle injuries. For more tips on …110


Physiquality blog: Preventing baseball injuries

Spring training is over and baseball season has begun. And while most sports injuries are unexpected, there are a few things that parents and coaches — and …36


UCL Terriers – Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury & Treatment



Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries & Treatment Explained by a Phoenix Orthopedic (480)219-3342

[removed] Injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament, known as the UCL, most commonly occur …284


Preventing Throwing and Pitching Injuries

Mark Silbey, MD, Sports Medicine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene "Shoulder Injuries 101: Prevention and Treatment" Throwing and pitching mechanics: Discover …1257


Elbow Flexor Tendon Stretch – UCL – Tommy John Prevention

[removed] UCL – Tommy John Prevention http:/ UCL exercise, UCL rehab, Tommy John rehab, Tommy John …68


Should 13 year old pitcher Olympic Lift and injury prevention? Ep193

[removed] @Topvelocity #PitchingTips #BaseballTips Show.817