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Tag archives for Injury Prevention

The Problem with Baseball Injury Prevention Programs Today

Andre Labbe PT, MOMT discusses his years of research and experience with baseball injury prevention programs and the major gaps he has identified in many …217


Balanced Weighted Ball Drops – Baseball Injury Prevention Exercise

This exercise, courtesy of Andre Labbe PT, MOMT, connects the upper and lower body to test stability and strength; all important for baseball injury prevention!137


Hitting Torque Progression – Baseball Injury Prevention Exercise

This progression is a grand-slam! Activate your player’s hips and core to both compliment and protect their upper body. A baseball injury prevention exercise you …194


Balanced Medicine Ball Slams – Baseball Injury Prevention Exercise

This baseball injury prevention exercise engages the core to maximize stability and strength in one dynamic movement.91


Hip Activation Progression – Baseball Injury Prevention Exercise

This staple in Andre Labbe PT, MOMT’s baseball injury prevention program helps athletes activate their hips and unleash their true throwing power.216


Balanced FlexBar Oscillation – Baseball Injury Prevention Exercise

Shake out some stiffness with this baseball injury prevention power move! This exercise targets the shoulder, elbow, hip and core.143


Shoulders for Life | Injury Prevention Exercises

Shoulder overuse syndrome is an escalating epidemic in young athletes. Follow these helpful tips and exercises before practices and games to prevent …134


Motion capture of pitching for injury prevention.wmv

Clinical use of motion analysis to evaluate baseball pitching to correct biomechanics, avoid injury and/or determine safe return to sports activity.52


Injury prevention and strengthening the Scap!

Injury pervention and strengthening the scap! Using the Crossover Symmetry System helps strengthen the muscles around the scapula that are used to …56


LI Head Guards Baseball Head Protection for Pitchers carbon fiber http://www.liheadguards.com

LI Head Guards Baseball Head Protection for Pitchers carbon fiber, baseball pitching safety and youth baseball injury prevention. [removed] …170