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The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

Daniel Norris signed a bonus worth just over $2 million to join the Blue Jays organization out of high school. While life on the road becomes normal for any pro …347


HBO Sports – The Curse Of The Bambino (2003)

The classic HBO Documentary "The Curse of the Bambino" from 2003 the year before the Red Sox won the title.3596


Homerun – Baseball Park Documentary

Homerun – Baseball Park Documentary A baseball park, also known as a ballpark or baseball stadium, is a venue where baseball is played. A baseball park …2759


Best Speed And Agility Drills | Top 4 Agility Drills Of All Time

[removed] These four videos take viewers through the basics of the best speed and agility drills for high …1720


Hand Path To Home Runs – Hitting Drills for Baseball & Softball

This set of drills is the most comprehensive set of drills out there for teaching the right hand path to the ball. These drills are designed to help hitters swing the bat …76


Sports Endurance Workout – Stamina, Speed, and Agility Workout

Calorie burn info @ [removed] Lose 16-24 lbs in 8 weeks with our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs – find out how @ [removed] Vote for new …852


Best Baseball Pitching Drills

[removed] To perform the Power Position Sliders athletes will need a set of Kbands and 2 …475


Interval Running Workouts

[removed] – Interval running workouts – are they different from interval training workouts? Should runners use interval running in their …437


Baseball Drills : Baseball Hitting Tips for Kids

With kids in baseball, the most importance aspect of hitting is balance, keeping the weight back and avoiding being too anxious at the plate. Find out how to …96


Coaching Youth Baseball: Hitting Drills

[removed] Using a tee in youth baseball teaches children the importance of weight shift when hitting. Here are some tips and drills to use when …248

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